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Yankees signing could come with insane personal catcher irony…..



If the New York Yankees’ undisclosed meeting in Florida results in a decision to break the bank for Blake Snell, they ought to remember not to neglect his secret weapon left behind in San Diego.

His dedicated catcher, the sole receiver possessing the swift reflexes and defensive expertise required to master Snell’s sharply dropping breaking pitches. This composed, glove-oriented presence excels at timing mound visits impeccably, ensuring the left-handed pitcher remains in check – a challenging feat given his occasional struggles with control, evident in his historic walk rate and league-leading 99 free passes during his Cy Young-winning season in 2023. When you discover a catcher capable of effectively communicating with an unpredictable force like Snell, it becomes imperative to retain him, regardless of the necessary measures.

Surprisingly, this pivotal figure for Snell happens to be none other than Gary Sánchez. Yes, you read that correctly. The often-criticized Yankees catcher, known for launching 20 homers between August 2016 and the end of that year, leading a power-packed lineup in 2017, and subsequently failing to meet that initial potential while grappling with mental and physical lapses, served as Snell’s reassuring presence. The unexpected pairing raises eyebrows and prompts contemplation about the dynamics at play.

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