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Phillies Want to Extend Ace…



The Philadelphia Phillies made a prudent move by re-signing Aaron Nola this offseason, especially considering the interest other teams had in acquiring the talented right-handed pitcher. While there is a possibility of another valuable arm hitting the market soon from the Phillies’ roster, their primary objective is to prevent this scenario and finalize a deal during Spring Training. According to Ken Rosenthal, there is an expectation that Philadelphia will successfully negotiate an extension with Zack Wheeler in Spring Training, ensuring his continued tenure with the team.

In the 2023 season, Wheeler, 33, delivered an outstanding performance by pitching 192 innings, marking the third-highest total in his career, with an impressive ERA of 3.61. Notably, his 3.15 FIP maintained a trend of six consecutive seasons with an ERA below 3.50. Wheeler’s pinnacle came in the 2021 season when he achieved the best performance of his career, pitching 213 1/3 innings and holding a remarkable 2.78 ERA. Despite the challenges of pitching for the Phillies, Wheeler has excelled since signing a five-year, $118 million contract with the team after departing from the New York Mets.

Advanced metrics indicate that Wheeler is poised for continued success, as he posted a pitching run value and fastball run value in the 99th percentile last season, according to Baseball Savant. His track record demonstrates his ability to perform exceptionally well in crucial situations within a challenging environment. Given his proven contributions during his four seasons with the Phillies, it seems unwarranted for the team to allow him to enter free agency, opting for an alternative option that might not replicate his impact.

Amid a relatively slow offseason for the Phillies, the notion of trading Wheeler appears illogical. The team lacks a suitable replacement unless an unexpected trade materializes in the coming weeks.

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