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Two strategic decisions the Yankees need to take



In two weeks, MLB teams commence spring training, with the Baltimore Orioles making a notable move by acquiring the 2021 NL Cy Young winner, Corbin Burnes. This trade signals a significant shift, especially for AL East rivals like the New York Yankees, traditionally known for big moves.

Despite Orioles’ acquisition, the Yankees are unlikely to make major offseason transactions after securing Juan Soto and Marcus Stroman. With a well-rounded roster and a hefty payroll, making another splash move is challenging.

While the Yankees appear strong on paper, last season’s on-field performance suggests caution. The Orioles’ Burnes acquisition shouldn’t trigger panic; however, addressing issues like Giancarlo Stanton’s contract and considering an in-season trade for a starting pitcher, like Shane Bieber or Dylan Cease, could bolster their chances.

Trading Stanton, owed $118 million, may be challenging, but exploring options could benefit both parties. Additionally, pursuing a starting pitcher mid-season, especially someone like Cease, could enhance the Yankees’ postseason rotation.

In the competitive AL East, the Yankees, despite being favorites, face challenges from improved divisional rivals like the Blue Jays and Rays. Health issues have plagued the Yankees, and their depth advantage might not be as pronounced against a formidable Orioles team and others. The AL East’s narrative in 2024 will be shaped by health, team dynamics, and the performance of each franchise. While the Yankees maintain a historical edge, the division is more competitive than ever, setting the stage for an intriguing season.

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