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Green Bay Packers Nation DEMANDS Sensational Signing of 4x Pro Bowl Offensive Dynamo….



The Green Bay Packers have made an improbable run to the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs. After starting the regular season 2-5, they won seven of their remaining 10 games, including the final three, to finish 9-8. While just a one-game improvement from their 8-9 record in 2022, it was still good enough to secure the seventh and final seed in the NFC playoff picture.

The Packers then went on to become the first seventh seed in NFL history to win a playoff game. With a showdown with the San Francisco 49ers, who have ended Green Bay’s postseason four times since 2009, Green Bay is looking to extend their unlikely run.

Whether or not their season ends on Saturday or on a future date, there is no question that the 2024 Packers will have some changes to its roster. In addition to several players that could end up as cap casualties, the team will see some players depart in free agency.

One of the players that could potentially leave Green Bay is backup running back AJ Dillon. While he loves playing for the Packers and has made his year-round home in Door County, Wisconsin, his production on the field, or lack there of, have led many to believe that the team will choose to not offer him a second contract. If this is indeed what happens, Packers fans already have a replacement in mind.


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