Breaking News: What the liverpool top player Mohamed Salah Said Jurgen Klopp was the reason he split up with his wife. - soccertrend
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Breaking News: What the liverpool top player Mohamed Salah Said Jurgen Klopp was the reason he split up with his wife.



Mohamed Salah

Liverpool is considering offering the number 7 shirt to Greenwood, according to Luis Daiz in transfer news.

Sky Sports issued a statement. Mohamed Salah is now serving a six-month suspension.

Sky Sports terminated the employment of Alexis Mac Allister today.

Mohamed Salah

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Despite Liverpool’s agreement to transfer me to Manchester City, I had no intention of joining them.
Daniel Agger publicly declined a transfer to Manchester City during his time at Liverpool.

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On December 1, 2012, a Premier League match took place between Liverpool and Southampton at Anfield. Daniel Agger expressed his joy by celebrating after scoring the opening goal. The image capturing this moment was taken by John Powell and is owned by Liverpool FC.N/A
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Although the Reds were eager to profit from the sale of the defender, former Liverpool player Daniel Agger admits that he rejected a lucrative offer from Manchester City while he was playing for Anfield.

Agger, who is currently 39 years old, departed from Danish Superliga team Brondby in 2006 to join Anfield. During his time as a player on Merseyside, he enjoyed a prosperous eight-year tenure, serving under the guidance of managers Rafa Benitez, Roy Hodgson, Kenny Dalglish, and Brendan Rodgers.

The ex-Denmark international was part of Benitez’s Liverpool squad in 2009, which just missed out on winning the Premier League title for the first time in 19 years. This was due to several draws throughout the season, falling just four points short of the championship.

Nevertheless, in 2012, Agger found himself embroiled in a transfer battle between Barcelona and Man City, both vying to use the imminent expiration of the defender’s contract. However, Agger admits that he had no desire to relocate from Merseyside to Manchester, despite the fact that City, supported by the United Arab Emirates, outdid the offer made by the prestigious Spanish team, Barcelona.

Further details: A midfielder from Liverpool shown a lack of happiness throughout the match against Newcastle and may now pose an even greater threat to them.

Pep Guardiola’s anger at Liverpool led to a furious outburst in the locker room, resulting in significant alterations at Manchester City.

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The manager justifies the selection of a physically capable Liverpool defender in his team by providing an explanation.
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Agger commented, “It was an unusual one,” as he reflected on the year 2012. “I remember being asked about my plans by the club after receiving presentations on various matters, and I responded, ‘If you wish for me to remain, I will stay.'” Nevertheless, I expressed my intention to depart, stating, “I believe it is opportune for me to leave as I aspire to engage in football, in the event that you do not desire my presence and do not envision me as a part of your future.” The current offers are uncertain for the upcoming year, and I am unsure if they will still be available. Therefore, while I would love to stay here, I would like to explore other options if you believe I am not sufficiently qualified.

“Although I am not acquainted with their perspective, I understand that they reached an agreement with Barcelona regarding the price, acknowledged it, and subsequently approached me to inform me that this was the final arrangement.” “Understood,” I responded. However, I chose not to attend that club due to their acceptance of a more favorable offer that had been presented by another source.

“I explicitly stated that I would only go to Barcelona if they were willing to sell me, otherwise I would not go.” Subsequently, the identical team (Manchester City) presented me with a more lucrative proposition, and I perceived a strong inclination on their part for me to acquiesce, given the substantial amount of money involved. “I absolutely refuse to go to that club, so it would be best to cease any further discussion,” I stated.

Agger confirmed that the other club mentioned by host and Liverpool ECHO columnist John Aldridge was really Manchester City, in their chat on the “Aldo Meets” podcast.

Agger departed from Liverpool and made a comeback to Brondby in 2014, at the age of 29, after seeing a decline in his position within Rodgers’ ranking during the 2013-2014 season. Agger retired from professional sports in 2016.

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