Coach Wiegman made a shocking comment on her team's performance. - soccertrend
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Coach Wiegman made a shocking comment on her team’s performance.



Coach Wiegman made a shocking comment on her team's performance.

🔥⚽️ England’s Women’s Team Emerges Victorious with a Commanding 7-2 Triumph! 🔥⚽️

With an impressive showcase of talent and resolve, the England Women’s Team secured a dominant 7-2 win against Austria Women, leaving Head Coach Sarina Wiegman thoroughly delighted with her squad’s performance.

Grace Clinton is congratulated by Maya Le Tissier after scoring a debut goal for England

Meet the Players:

🌟 Grace Clinton’s Exciting Debut Goal:
Grace Clinton made her impact on the international stage with a spectacular goal in her debut, highlighting English football’s bright future.

🌟 Alessia Russo and Beth Mead’s Dynamic Doubles:

The dynamic team of Alessia Russo and Beth Mead showcased their prowess with amazing double goals, leaving the opponents in amazement and establishing their standing as formidable forces on the field.

🎙️ Coach Wiegman’s Reflections:
Speaking after the match, Coach Sarina Wiegman expressed her elation at the team’s performance, highlighting the exceptional teamwork, determination, and skill displayed by her players throughout the game.

“The team put on an outstanding performance today. We remained composed and attacked with accuracy. Grace’s first goal was incredible, and Alessia and Beth were unstoppable. This victory is a credit to the team’s hard work and dedication.”

Alessia Russo (right) converted the rebound from Beth Mead's cross-shot early on against Austria

With such a tremendous victory under their belts, the England Women’s Team continues to raise the bar as they strive for perfection in every encounter. The future appears bright for this young team, which is marching forward with confidence and commitment. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿💪

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