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Breaking News NFL suspends Denver safety best player again



Breaking News NFL suspends Denver safety best player again

Kareem Jackson was banned by the NFL for another day on Monday.
The NFL said that the Denver Broncos safety would miss four games without pay after hitting Minnesota Vikings quarterback Joshua Dobbs during their game on Sunday. The Broncos won for the fourth straight week.

A trick play was used by the Vikings’ first drive. Tight end T.J. Hockenson took the snap and then threw the ball to Dobbs on a third-and-1. The Broncos’ Baron Browning tried to tackle Dobbs from behind, but Jackson quickly stepped in, dropped his helmet, and hit the quarterback below the chin. During the play, Dobbs dropped the ball, which hit him in the head and made it spin and bounce back. Jackson, who had been there for 14 years, wasn’t given a warning.

If a player lowers his helmet before a hit, that’s against Rule 12, Section 2, Article 10(a). When the league announced Jackson’s ban, they made it clear that the punishment will depend on how quickly the safety made his decision.

Breaking News NFL suspends Denver safety best player again

In a letter to Jackson, NFL Vice President of Football Operations Jon Runyan said, “We will not put up with illegal actions that are egregious and put the players’ safety at risk.” “The League will keep stressing how important it is to follow the rules, which say that you can’t hit your opponent with your helmet.” You can stay away from people like that if you want to. According to the rules, you could have talked to your opponent, but you chose not to.

After the Broncos play the Lions in Week 15, Jackson can be added back to the active list.

When Jackson was banned, Denver defensive back Justin Simmons praised his friend on social media and said the NFL had an unfair way of giving penalties.”This is really cool. “How can we stop a runner from moving forward on a third and one when you’re battling for every yard?” he asked on X, which used to be Twitter. “I had a hit like this against the Baltimore Ravens last season.” There is no fine and no flag. The calls aren’t always the same, and it’s clear that some players have other plans and goals. There are a lot of dishonest players in our group. They are not any of Kareem.”

Brady Kearse of the Broncos tackles Vikings quarterback Joshua Dobbs (15) and causes him to drop the ball. Jackson missed four games because of the hit.

As of right now, Houston Texans LB Denzel Perryman is missing three games because he hit Cincinnati Bengals receiver Ja’Marr Chase with his helmet while leading with it in Week 10.

Jackson has been fined by the NFL twice this season for not following safety rules. After beating the Green Bay Packers in Week 7, the league suspended him for four games. However, after an appeal, the ban was lowered to two games. The former great player for Alabama was also punished for an illegal hit and kicked off of the Broncos’ loss to the Washington Commanders in Week 2.

He got a $89,670 fine for four illegal hits, and he promised to work on getting better at hitting in practice before the Vikings game. Jackson is third on the Denver defense with 51 stops so far this season, and he has already thrown two interceptions.

After the game, he said, “I’m not sure how I play the game going forward.” Because, as I already said, I will keep finding myself in that situation twice or three times a week. In this case, my personal goal is to just lower my aim and avoid doing the same thing again.

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