Breaking News: Competitors have expressed their opinion on Man City's Premier League FFP accusations, saying, "We cannot act like them." - soccertrend
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Breaking News: Competitors have expressed their opinion on Man City’s Premier League FFP accusations, saying, “We cannot act like them.”



It has been claimed that the potentially fateful meeting between Manchester City and the Premier League FFP charges will take place in the autumn of next year.

There have been 115 violations of Premier League rules that have been filed against City, and the process is still ongoing. A conviction might be reached in at least 18 months. In compliance with surpassing the permissible losses during the course of the Covid-19 period, Everton was punished ten points for their violations of FFP standards. City is currently waiting to see what kind of punishment, if any, would be handed down because of these violations.

It should come as no surprise that competing managers all have their own, with some being more scathing than others. Taking a look at what those managers have to say about the matter is as follows:

When it comes to the situation at City, the German manager is arguably the most outspoken of any manager from the opposition. The most significant effect it has is on Liverpool, as the Reds have competed with City for the league title on two separate occasions up to the final day of the season. On other occasions, the Reds have competed with City in domestic competitions and lost.

Before the punishment was lifted, he made the following statement in response to City’s initial two-year suspension from UEFA: “No matter what it costs, you just do it.” You have posed the question, but you already know the answer. I am aware that City will not like it, and that nobody else will like it either. Can you tell me about Liverpool? We cannot behave in the same manner that they do. In no way is that feasible. It is not possible. This is very obvious, and you are already aware of the solution.

It is a good idea to use FFP. To ensure that nobody overspends and that they are able to ensure that the money they intend to spend is derived from the appropriate sources, it is there to protect both the teams and the competition.

In the event that the wealthiest clubs and countries are able to do anything they want, then this makes things more challenging. If that were to occur, it would result in the formation of a world league; however, the names of the clubs would not be relevant in this scenario.

“It is not for me to take a position on this, and I do not.” I really hope that we continue to use this FFP system, and I really hope that it continues to be used because it kind of puts boundaries to where you can go, which is beneficial for football. If there is no longer a need for anyone to care, then the competition will be more tough.

The Arsenal player Mikel Arteta

It was only logical for Pep Guardiola, the manager of Arsenal, to remain silent about the matter because the probe coincided with Arteta’s time spent in the north-west. Arteta served as Guardiola’s assistant for three years while City won the Premier League title in 2018/19 with 100 points.

It was in February when the Spaniard made the following statement: “I’m sorry, but I’m not going to speak on that anymore. It is not possible for me to answer that question since doing so would require me to answer the question that came before it, and I do not wish to do so.

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