Breaking News: After feeling helpless in Arsenal's loss, Mikel Arteta makes a bold claim about Liverpool, calling them the best in Europe - soccertrend
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Breaking News: After feeling helpless in Arsenal’s loss, Mikel Arteta makes a bold claim about Liverpool, calling them the best in Europe



Mikel Arteta

Mikel Arteta gives his thoughts on Arsenal’s FA Cup third round match against Liverpool, which they lost at home by a score of 2-0.

Following Arsenal’s elimination from the FA Cup by Liverpool, Mikel Arteta is of the opinion that he could not have done anything more to ensure that his club would remain in the competition.

At the Emirates Stadium on Sunday afternoon, the Reds were victorious in the third round by a score of 2-0 thanks to a late own goal scored by Jakub Kiwior and a strike by Luis Diaz.

Even though Arsenal had dominated the first half, they were unable to capitalize on their opportunities, and Alisson Becker was rarely pressed into significant action.

Mikel Arteta

During his defense of his players who were not performing up to their potential, Arteta elaborated on the reasons why Liverpool is the best team in Europe.

It was noted by the manager of Arsenal that “we did not take our chances.” “In the first half of the season, I have not witnessed any other team generate as much as we have against Liverpool in the previous two games, but we are not capitalizing on the opportunities that have been presented to us. With regard to performance and merit, there are no questions regarding the most recent games.

What am I supposed to do when my team plays with that mentality against what is likely the top team in Europe at the moment in terms of momentum? It is imperative that I be there for them and provide support.

“It’s a source of frustration, but what are our options? In order for us to win the game, I can’t instruct them to play poorly and not shoot because then Liverpool will score an own goal and we will win. There is no way that I could ever come up with a strategy like that; it is simply not conceivable.

With Arsenal having now won only one of their past seven games and losing the last three, the home support booed a few times when the final whistle blew. Arsenal has now lost three of their last seven games.

According to Arteta, however, “The supporters are behind the team, and when things are difficult, they display an incredible amount of goodwill.” They play a significant role and provide support.

“This is a challenging time, but if the team is getting punched in the face, is not doing well, and is not deserving of victory, then I would be much more concerned about the situation. My concern stems from the fact that we need to win more games, which is something that needs to be altered.

Our confidence is probably suffering as a result of our inability to score goals, particularly today, more so than it was when we played Fulham and West Ham combined. As a result, I believe that we ought to start over. The break arrives at a moment that is convenient for us.

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